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Yoga Basics

Starting with basics, we will break down at least one pose per class. We will talk about how to get in and out of poses safely. This class is great for newcomers or for anyone who wants a deeper understanding of proper allignment in their practice.

Yin Yoga

Yin is a deep stretch yoga practice. We use breath to guide us into deeper stretch, while attempting to keep our mind still. This is an amazing practice for developing mindfulness, remaining in the moment, and increasing flexibility. No experience Necessary.

Hatha Flow

Building upon the basics, we begin to flow. If you have been to a few classes and feel you are ready to move more with the breath, with less instruction, this class may be a perfect fit for sure. We still offer strong postural cues to keep you safe, but we introduce some standing poses to challenge you, all while moving with the breath.


Keep it simple. Gentle yoga with a focus on rebalancing the hips, shoulders, and core. We spend most of our lives out of allignment; spend 90 minutes getting back into a more balanced posture to carry you through your day. No experience necessary. Be prepared to have fun, be challenged, and to learn. We not only tell you HOW to get into the poses, but we also take the time to explain WHY we do.

Vinyasa Flow

So you want to get a good stretch AND sweat? Vinyasa works from the Surya A & B sequences and every breath has a movement attached. You will definately get a sweat on here, we will be working through at least 18 Vinyasa sequences in addition to more challenging poses. If you have a basic understanding of the poses and really want a physically demanding practice, this is the one you want!

Power Vinyasa

Power Vinyasa is a for those who wish to challenge themselves with longer holds and challenging poses. We experiment with more inversions and arm balances. You will definately get your sweat on in this class. Good understanding of the basic yoga asanasis required to join this class.